What is G.A.W.D.?

G.A.W.D. is loving.                                                                                 G.A.W.D. is creativity.

G.A.W.D. is infinity.                G.A.W.D. is …..awesome.

G.A.W.D. is Geniuses at Work Daily, to give you the best content it can.

G.A.W.D. is actually, like a tv network, only way better. Each of our channels features a different topic and each channel has shows to fit. Subscribing to the G.A.W.D. network, keeps you updated on all our videos. However, if you only want Paranormal videos or Health videos, then you’d subscribe to their appropriate channels. Get updated on only the channels you want.

Did we mention it’s free? We run on donations and fundraising events, we never make you pay for a single video. Our fundraising events are really awesome too, we give you some wicked prizes for helping us out and we’re really open about where all the money goes. Not like those shady million dollar organizations, that spend it on lavish trips and…. Well, you’ll have to watch our network to find out more.


About G.A.W.D.