4. Pimp Like me

5. Smokin' the Marijuana


3. Bossy

Remakes From The Mind of The Artist

4. Mary Jane

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2. Mark Emery

6. Stunt 101


5. Dr. Greenthumb

4. I'll be Stoned for Xmas



6. All You Need is a Spliff

6. A Spliff

5. I Bought Some Weed

3. Smokin' my Pot

2. My Rhymes

4. Let it Grow

7. Game Over

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11. Who Not Me

1. Field of Weed

2. Passin' Around the Ganja Tree

1‚Äč. When I'm Rich

Disney on Weed

5. Back in the Day

8. Fight Music

3. Toke the Best

1. Green Christmas

2. Gin and Juice

8. Bottle to the Roof


10. Number One Spot

Green Xmas