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Another movie on stuttering..... that's what you're thinking right? Did you know that there is not a single documentary on stuttering? 

Yes the topic has a few movies under it's belt, but nothing that thoroughly covers it.

We plan on covering all the issues, highlight what it's like to walk in their shoes and investigate treatments being made available and some that are unconsidered.

Bullying is a big issue worldwide and people who stutter all have their stories. We want to share their experiences, find ways to combat the bullying at it's roots and examine why vocal communication issues, have such a huge impact on their lives & other's.  

Discrimination and outright bullying affect many who stutter.

Can we combat that by informing people?

When I was in school there were certain rules for special classrooms. You were not allowed to enter them, and you came across any of its students, you were shooed away with nary an explanation. So what else were we as kids to do, with our ever expanding imagination and a curious wonder at what teachers were hiding in these classrooms, but make up stories. To fill the void, we created our own explanations as to what was happening and why we couldn't even see these other children. As you can imagine, some were funny, others way out there, but a lot were very cruel. 

This led to a great misunderstanding that follows many children and in some cases, continues into adulthood. This misunderstanding can breed into bullying, targeted or not. Schools are now changing, they are starting to change the way they handle "children who are different". They are far from perfect and could probably use everyone's help in, what we believe is, the ultimate goal. To support children without seclusion or separation.

Can we achieve that simply by accurately informing both faculty and student?

We truly believe so.

When we started this venture, it was simply to cover all topics of stuttering and to give the topic & people, a documentary they deserve. Like with every idea though, it has evolved into something more than it's seedling beginning. Like the spawning of the worldwide school distribution part. When this movie is completed, schools everywhere will be able to obtain a copy for free. We hope that by informing at any stage is good, but best done at a young age. We hope that by understanding, we will reduce rates of teasing, society produced bullies and eventual suicide. These are very heart gripping and heavy topics to address, but we feel that if this film helps even in the smallest degree; it is worth it.

We are confident though, that this film will make a huge impact on many lives, as information and acceptance are a key to reducing bullying. This film will examine views from both people who stutter and people who don't, to show how informed or not, people are to the topic.

Besides bullying, what other issues could there be to generate a whole documentary?

When this started, I asked the same question. It wasn't until I got to the treatment section, that some of the big issues became apparent. Like with most topics I cover, the treatment section is lacking in it's conclusions. When we started examining the few studies that actually do exist, we found unsatisfactory outcomes presented as working treatments. 

Our venture will most likely not bring us a cure for stuttering, it will though, enlighten people on the methods currently out there and how effective they are. It will also takes us to some unconventional treatment methods including; toastmasters, cannabis, hypnotherapy and more.

We leave no stone unturned. 

Many great documentaries have come out regarding the food industry, corporate government, autism, our failing health system and so many others. Doesn't stuttering deserve some attention too?

We reside in Canada and it's much cheaper for us to film here, but that doesn't mean this film is limited to Canada only. We are interviewing across the globe and this movie is intended for a worldwide audience.

What's a good documentary without some celebrities

Yes, our movie is going to have some very sad, heart gripping parts to it. That's mostly for the people who don't stutter though, what about the millions who do and are going to see this movie? No worries, there are so many celebs that have or still do, experience(d) what it's like to stutter. Stuttering isn't just about bullying and hardship. It's also about accepting who you are and overcoming the things that try to keep you down. We aim to show those who stutter, that you don't have to be limited because you stutter and that you should pursue your dreams, whatever they may be. 

We've been lucky to gain support from some amazing people.

We also received some celebrity contributions. 

One in memory of Michael Hughes, who was a huge impactor in the stuttering community, here in Canada.His drive to help others who stutter is unmatched by anyone and we are so honoured to have a contribution on his behalf. 

​Another came from Allen Covert, star of Grandma's Boy and an actor in many Adam Sandler films. We are so excited to have received support from one of our favourite actors.

We really plan on bringing some awareness to stuttering. Over 70 million people worldwide stutter and it's about time they had a movie to call their own.

Let's make that happen


Our own Canadian gem, John Dunsworth, has graciously agreed to do a scene in our film, once we reach Halifax. With his background we are excited to not only have him in the film, but also to be able to meet with an influencer of the film.

It was John Dunsworth who gave us the push to start producing and really start showing our creative output to the world.

 Sadly due to his unexpected passing, we will unfortunately no longer be having John Dunsworth in our film.

He was a Canadian Treasure that will be truly missed. Our greatest condolences to his family and friends

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Breaking Our Silence