Our town is the perfect location for a horror  film. In fact it was, well most of the downtown anyway. Yes, we live in the town used for Silent Hill. Though the movie is one of fiction, our city is riddled with paranormal activity, from many haunted locations to a native curse, we have it all.

So the chances of living in a house with much paranormal activity is pretty high. This city does not disappoint. We have been lucky enough to live in many active houses, this current one is no exception.

We were here for a few months before noticing anything out of the ordinary. It started with hearing footsteps running through the house, running through rooms full of furniture, that were empty of human presence. Small things like "tinging" the light bulbs throughout the house, turned to smacking our cat and shutting the doors. 

Slowly small objects were moved before us, right next to me a set of dishes on the counter started to vibrate and then move. This accelerated into every night incidences and very blatant acts of attention. We could walk out of a room to grab a drink, only to return and something been moved to the center of the room.

The most impactful was the closet door incident. After investigating a loud bang, we found that a closet door (which had been jammed and unremovable by us, was now angled inside the closet, completely removed. It appeared that some force had slammed into the door, knocking it free and what strength it needed to do so is the frightening part.

We definitely have a poltergeist type on our our hands. We have not felt threatened, so we will continue exploring the activity in our house. We will post videos and hope to have some future live feeds, so stay tuned, we will have more content up soon

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