Start Small, Dream Big



What do people dislike most about big companies?

Is it the poor quality that comes with growth?

Is it the gouging of prices?

Perhaps it's the lack of community give back?

What of non-profits?

Are you fed up with biasm?

Sick of funds being wasted?

Finished with organizations that are more concerned with their bottom line, than about making a difference?

So are we.

That's why we created Stanleycola. We believe business should be about more than increasing profits each year, that quality should not cost a fortune and that community is key.

Our business model is not based on how much $$$ we can suck out of people. It is based on impact, community and positive growth. If we are not making an impact, we don't grow. When the purpose and people do not come first, our business loses.

Our goal is to bring people together, to remind everyone what community involvement is and to make a real difference in the world.

We plan to do the majority of this, through projects we are heading. Projects are based on need and each rely on community involvement to reach there goals.

We offer services that will cost you much less, because overcharging is not cool. We are a fun, environmentally friendly and creative bunch, that enjoys working with like-wise people, that encourages everyone to reach out to us. 

So how does funding work and can this model actually make money & stay in the business?

The delusion that we must overcharge and coerce people into buying our products, is a thing of the past. Current company models are not making the world an easier and healthier place. in fact, they are causing the worst impact by poisoning for profit and not thinking of what future generations will have to deal with.

This business happens in many ways. We use forms of volunteering, crowdfunding and bartering to make projects happen. We also provide services and products for sale, with profits going back into the business, to help with current projects and future endeavours. 

We not only want to help people, we want to change the world.